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Angeline Ball's Menu

Tom Doorley

"I find it almost impossible to be a worst, so as a substitute for that what I'll do is, I'll mention the dish that didn't deliver quite as much as I was expecting, and for that was the Ravioli."

"As for my best, Lavender & Raspberries I never would have thought it but it works incredible."

Rachel Allen

"If there has to be a low point, I thought it was something that actually was nothing to do with you in that the truffle shavings didn't have as much flavour as they should have."

"For me the Tarte La Belle-Mére, it's so rare to have a wonderful filling in the tart and then the pastry shortcrust pastry is fantastic and Crisp and short and buttery and crumbly and delicious "

Paolo Tullio

"You know its s truism when people say you can taste the love - it shined through. What did I like best? I liked eating the lamb chop with my fingers. I liked that."

You were given the truffle that had probably been frozen, was perhaps past its sell by date and it really didn't have much taste - not your fault but that's the thing I enjoyed the least.

5 stars

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