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2 Star Cook Off 2 stars

Mary Kennedy and Simon Delaney

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A new Christmas special hits our screens this year. For the first time, the spotlight lands on the dozen or so chefs who have left the critics table at The Restaurant with the lowest star rating - this show is for them - its 'The Restaurant - 2 Star Cook Off'.

Each of these wannabe '5 star' chefs spent much time planning and choosing their menu, they practiced their dishes at home and put in a hard days graft in the kitchen prepping their menu and serving the diners. But no matter how hard they tried, things went horribly wrong and they left the critics table with a bruising 2 star rating for their efforts.

So this year for the first time, 2 star chefs get a second chance to redeem their culinary reputation and show the critics that they can indeed cook. Both will have to come up with a new 3-course menu - one dish each per course- and the judges will vote for their favourite meals and the best of 3 courses wins the cook off. Both chefs are competing against each other to win the cook off and there can only be one winner. But for the '2 star cook off', there will be an added twist - the critics will also rate the entire meal served up and award it an overall star rating. So both chefs have the opportunity to raise their star rating and hopefully, lose their 2 star label for good - but only if they work hard - together!

In 2003, Broadcaster and star of Nationwide, Mary Kennedy received 2 stars from the critics at The Restaurant while in 2005 actor Simon Delaney walked away from the critics table with his 2 stars. Tonight, both of these chefs have the chance to change all that. Our special guest critic at the critics table for the first '2 star cook off' is TV chef and Michelin star restaurateur Paul Rankin. He will join regular critics Paolo Tullio and Tom Doorley.

Mary and Simon
Mary and Simon