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Tommy Bowe has had another triumphant year on the professional rugby pitch - notching up an impressive 28 international caps at only 26 years of age. This year Winger Tommy lifted the hearts of Irish fans when he scored a last minute try in the English 6 Nations International at Twickenham and his stunning try against the Scotish visitors at Croke Park almost earned us the Triple Crown.

But not a lot of people know that the quiet Monaghan man Tommy has other talents away from the pitch. Since moving to Swansea to sign up for the Ospreys, Tommy has started cooking for himself and taking some of the dishes that his Mother taught him over to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Tommy's family know a great deal about food as they own BD Foods a large food distributor in Monaghan, which started off selling ducks and it was ducks that Tommy's mother would always cook to entertain any guest that visited the Bowe home.

'Putting together the presentation, doing the different garnishes, its something I would never really do, it'll be a real challenge'
When it came to his menu, Tommy stuck to his favourite foods, dishes he likes to eat in restaurants and dishes he likes to cook.

Tommy has traveled a good deal in France with the rugby and one dish he loves to have in France is Moules Marinere.
'I love goat's cheese, I love onion marmalade, its trying to find something to put the two together, it'll work out nicely '

The only other starter Tommy could contemplate making was his all time favourite Bruschetta he was confident it would win over the diners
'I love mussels, I went over to New Zealand a couple of summers ago and had great mussels there, its just one of the best seafood dishes I have had there'

For main courses Tommy will always pick lamb if it's on the menu, and to make it a special occasion dish, Tommy serves rack of lamb at The Restaurant...
'I love red meat and I love everything to do with meat. For me everything I would order in a restaurant is exactly what I am serving tonight'

For desserts, though, Tommy keeps it simple, it's a cheese board or just very occasionally a chocolate fondant.
'I could eat starters all day but when it comes to dessert I love a bit of cheese after dessert'

Just how will Tommy do off the pitch and in the heat of the kitchen, can he tackle his menu and score with the critics? Tune in and find out...


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