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Tommy Bowe's Menu

Tom Doorley

‘For me I think you got the Moules Mariniere absoutely spot on, I liked the idea that you had some bread to dip into that nice creamy sauce. I think that worked really well. For me the worst was the cheese, especially the way you used the word Artisan Cheeses. I would question whether that stilton wsa an artisan cheese. They weren't in particularly good condition and it just felt a little bit lazy to me.’

Neven Maguire

‘Well done, a hard's days work, but you're used to being under pressure I'm sure. The lamb was deliciious, well cooked, well trimmed, nice little bit of fat, lovely and pink. The Bruschetta was a bit disapppointing to be honest with you. I thought it was a bit sweet. I was disappointed with that to be honest.’

Paolo Tullio

‘LoVed the Moules, liked the Duck, I liked the lamb. Some of the things that went with those were not as good as it could have been. To pick a worst, well you probably gathered from my name, I'm Italian. The Bruschetta wasn't right. It was the wrong kind of bread for a start. The best without a doubt, the mussells were just beautifully done. Perfect. ’

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