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Sarah Newman's Menu

Tom Doorley

‘That raviolo worked brilliantly, it was execute absolutely fabulously and it pressed all the right buttons for me. As for the worst, possibly the prawns. The salad it came with was very, very agressively acidic and for me the least satisfactory dish.’

Ross Lewis

‘The cod was beautifully cooked, the crushed potato could have been crushed a little bit more and a little bit less of it, because you must have balance. Then I come to a dish like the rice pudding which I really enjoyed. I'm a muck savage at heart from Cork obviously. It was creamy and it wasn't to sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Paolo Tullio

‘I'm going to single out the potato rosti, which I really liked. As for the worst, like Tom, I wasn't so crazy about the prawns, but what I really didn't like about them was all the salad, I don't think it worked that well.’

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