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Lorraine Keane studied Broadcasting and Journalism in Ballyfermot College in Dublin and achieved fame shortly afterwards while working as the AA Roadwatch Radio Correspondent.

She then became the entertainment reporter for TV3's main evening news and subsequently fronted that channel's style and entertainment show 'Exposé'. As a result, Lorraine has become something of a style icon in Ireland and in 2009 she was crowned the most stylish lady at the Peter Mark Style Awards .

But when she came to 'The Restaurant', Lorraine left her designer gear behind and dressed in traditional uniform whites. She feels just asc comfortable in the kitchen as she does on TV as cooking is her passion and she is always cooking for her large family and wide circle of friends.
When it came to taking part in the show, Lorraine threrew herself into the restaurant challenge as she always does, 100%...

'I suppose I am a bit obsessive compulsive, when I'm given a task or a challenge, unfortunately I tend to put everything into it'

Lorraine is conscious that she is not cooking for her family and friends in the Wineport, but diners and food critics, and she does wonder about those critics and their credentials..

'What do you have to do to be a food critic anyway? Do you go to food critic college?'

But as with everything Lorraine does, she is reaching for gold and when it comes to stars, she is chasing one thing...

'I have to try and be five stars, I have to at least try my best'

For one of her starters, citrus cured organic salmon, she is doing it for one reason mainly..
'The salmon I chose because its just so good for you. To me its like an Irish sushi - sushi with a fad!. Its kind of raw, but its not really because its cured, so people who don't like sushi needn't be afraid'

For her main course she will serve a sole on the bone with a shrimp sauce and she has done her homework with this one..

'I have actually practised this menu so many times in the last couple of weeks, just so that on the day hopefully I won't drive the team ma,d and do it right'

Desserts have even invaded Lorraine's sleep..

'I haven't actually slept for a week, I've been making the menus in my head. Last night I was making warm chocolate fondant tart in my head. I couldn't remember what one of the ingredients was, I actually got up and wrote it all down.'

Will Lorraine pull off the restaurant challenge and achieve her goal of 5 stars? Will regular critics Tom Doorley and Paolo Tullio recognise the effort that Lorraine has put into her menu? Will guest critic Nick Munier of 'Pichet' love the menu as much as the chef?

Tune in Sunday 25th April on RTÉ One at 7.30pm


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