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Lorraine Keane's Menu

Tom Doorley

‘Lorraine, I think your meal went from the sublime, literally sublime to the fairly ordinary in places. The citrus cured salmon was beautifully judged and it was beautifully fresh. At the very ordinary level, I'd say the sole because I think involving the tomatoes with the brown shrimp kind of killed some of the things that should have been going on there.

Nick Munier

‘Best for me were the desserts; I thought they were just outstanding. If you ever want a pastry chef's job, you're more than welcome. Worst for me was the goat's cheese. I love Goat's Cheese but for me the crust was too hard and I'm not a big fan of aubergine and that just spoilt it for me. ’

Paolo Tullio

‘This organic salmon was spectacularly good. But for my worst I'm not going to talk about the food for my worst, I am going to point to the table and show you 6 full wine glasses, and I think, probably that was the thing that didn't really hold it together for me.’

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