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Fintan O'Toole's Menu

Tom Doorley

‘All I will say is that it is very very difficult to find a worst. The pigeon was a bit dry but hell, I can live with dry pigeon The best, your lobster dish was probably the best lobster dish I have eater, ever. It was just absolutely superb.’

Clodagh McKenna

‘I have to say first that I am a huge Fintan fan.. It was one of the best eel dishes I have ever had. It was absolutely amazing and I find it really hard even to say to say something worse. OK the red wine I wasn't a fan of. But I cant believe that you're not a chef and you've not had training. Amazing. ’

Paolo Tullio

‘My best and my worst, curiously enough I found them on the same plate.I thought the venison loin was spectacularly good and sitting beside it was a slightly tough pigeon. It was a supberb meal, a tour de force, Well done.’

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