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Daithí O Sé's Menu

Tom Doorley

‘I enjoyed the monkfish, the way it was cooked. I was a bit puzzled at the idea of the sweet red peppers and cashew nuts, I actually didn't really like the way that combination worked so that was my worst. When I see the word Baileys and ice cream I normally turn off, but my word, that was just gorgeous.’

Lucinda O'Sullivan

‘Its very difficult to roast monkfish and to keep it actually moist, which you did, was very good. I didn't like the pandy pattie, but I thought the monkfish was cracking. I'd be very happy to go to your house for dinner anytime. ’

Paolo Tullio

‘I thought the paté was wonderful, I thought it was presented beautifully, it looked dainty, its was nicely done. I wasn't taken with the guinea fowl stew, largely not because of the taste, it actually tasted OK. I just thought it looked a little bit clumsy, so I want to pick that as my worst.’

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