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How the Critics Voted


Which starter won over the critics - Amanda's scallops or Fintan's soup?

Tom Doorley - Amanda's Scallops
I wasn't crazy about the butternut squash soup. I thought the scallops worked, very simple, very classic, and that got my vote.

Jilly Goolden- Fintan's Soup
For me, the scallops with the lovely mushrooms and the pancetta was going roaringly well, but then it was too salty. The squash soup was quite dull to be truthful, and the game livers on toast were sublime. Gorgeous. I am going to go with, the soup and game toast.

Paolo Tullio - Fintan's Soup
I thought the scallops were lovely. I just thought on balance, and even though I didn't think the soup was that great, it was livers on toast that did it for me.

Starter winner - Fintan O'Toole with 2 votes


Which main course did the critics vote for - Amanda's Beef and Guinness Pie or Fintan's Pork and Smoked Mackerel?

Tom Doorley - Amanda's Pie
The pork and the smoked mackerel, I really really hated that dish. The Beef and Guinness pie, fine. I didn't think it was particularly good, but it gets my vote by a short head.

Jilly Goolden - Amanda's Pie
I thought that overall, that if you got a nice spoonful of pie and your gravy and your beef, it was lovely. So I have to go with the Guinness pie.

Paolo Tullio - Amanda's Pie
I just feel the pork belly needs a little bit of defending here. But I'm not sure that all those elements worked together. So, I'm going to make it unanimous, Beef and Guinness Pie.

Main course winner - Amanda Brunker with 3 votes


Which dessert did the critics prefer - Amanda's Mille Feuille or Fintan's Cheesecake?

Tom Doorley - Amanda's Mille Feuille
There wasn't very much between these two excellent dishes. While I loved, the Toblerone cheesecake, I'm going to go for the Rhubarb and custard Mille Fuille because the ginger ice cream was absolutely super.

Jilly Goolden - Fintan's Cheesecake
The baked Toblerone cheesecake, the berries were nicely sweet, the cheesecake had a very good consistency and..I'm going to go with the cheesecake.

Paolo Tullio - Fintan's Cheesecake
It's hard to choose, in the end, I'm going to have to choose one. And I'm choosing it simply on the basis, that I quite like cheesecake.

Dessert winner - Fintan O'Toole with 2 votes

Overall winner of 5 star cook off
Fintan O'Toole 3 stars


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