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Dáithí O Sé is best known to RTÉ viewers for presenting "The Daily Show" and hosted this year's "Rose of Tralee" for the first time. He is also a judge on the hugely successful All Ireland Talent Show. Dáithí first came to our attention as the lively weatherman on TG4, and also presented his travel series 'Route 66'. He's also appeared on 'Celebrity You're A Star' and 'Celebrities go Wild' and such is his growing fanbase now, that the Dingle native has twice been voted 'Sexiest Star' at the TV Now Awards.
Dáithí wants to get back in the kitchen to prove to the critics he was worth more than a 3 star rating. "Well, I was kind of disappointed really that I had the top three critics in the country there because, you think, these people are going to outdo themselves now with nonsense. Which is exactly what happened, I felt."
Dáithí has fond memories of his time in the kitchen on last year's series. He
really enjoyed working with the team, but hopes his dishes will get a better
reaction from John Healy this time when he samples Dáithí's menu. "The day
was going absolutely fantastic, I was having great craic inside in the kitchen,
and then the tasting came. It all changed then. Why didn't they tell me all
along that I was doing it all wrong? John had a good go at me at the tastings, I
suppose it just goes with the territory."

When it comes to the cook off, Dáithí has victory on his mind when it comes to
going head to head with his competiion Ray D'Arcy, who's also hosted The
Rose of Tralee." "Can I take Ray D'Arcy on? I'm sure I can. But Ray's a guy
that I've admired for so long really. So I owe a lot to Ray D'Arcy careerwise
actually, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. So nothing
would pleasure me more if I beat him here tonight. "

Dáithí loves the combination for his starter, but he's nervous the critics might
not be so keen.
"Very very recently I had black pudding and I had the goats cheese
with a salad and I had figs in something else? Oh yeah, fig rolls. So I
said, do you know what would be really really nice now for "The
Restaurant", oh yeah, if I mixed all the three of them together. I think
the problem that I might have is that there is actually too much going
on on a very small plate. But I think the mixture of all of them is going
to be really really nice."

For his main course, Dáithí has taken inspiration from his girlfriend Rita, who was the New Jersey Rose in The Rose of Tralee two years ago. "Most people know by know I'm going out with a girl called Rita who was a Rose of Tralee, 2008. She's an absolutely fantastic cook. The main course is either her idea or something she robbed from somebody, she just didn't want to tell me which. I think it's something that the judges won't have come across in a long time and you have to taste this to realise what it's all about."

For dessert, he's hoping his chocolate brownie will be the winner, but has to get the timing right. "There's a lovely kind of ganache topping for the brownie which has to be done really really well. So it's down to a timing thing just to make sure that the brownie's really really cool before I put this ganache on top of it. And I think it will go beautifully with mint ice cream."


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