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How the Critics Voted


Which starter won over the critics - Ray's scallops or Dáithí's Goats Cheese?

Tom Doorley - Ray's Scallops
On the starters, there wasn't a competition here. I felt that the goats cheese and the black pudding really didn't work. The pan seared scallops and black pudding was simple and it was delicious and was very classic, and that won it for me.

Derry Clarke- Ray's Scallops
The black pudding didn't work with the goats cheese. Two big earthy flavours, I wouldn't mix them. Black pudding with scallops is a classic, it worked really well. For me, of the two, would have been the pudding with the scallops.

Paolo Tullio - Ray's Scallops
Very similar dishes, not that easy to pick a winner between them but I, in the end, went towards the scallops as well.

Starter winner - Ray D'Arcy with 3 votes


Which main course won over the critics - Ray's Ham or Dáithí's Chicken?

Tom Doorley - Ray's Ham
I found the crabmeat stuffed chicken just too complicated there was too much going on there. I just felt that the flavours of the crab should have been doing much more. So as a result, and because I did quite like the ham, particularly the stir fried cabbage.
I felt, by a short head that the ham won that particular round.

Derry Clarke - Ray's Ham
The crab did not work with the chicken because there wasn't enough of it. I liked the ham for the stir fried cabbage, I thought it was lovely and fresh. A nice twist on an Irish bacon and cabbage, I liked actually. Toss of a coin, I'd go for the bacon.

Paolo Tullio - Ray's Ham
Both had great elements in them, not that easy to put a razorblade between them. But I'm going to go with the other guys, I kind of think that the chicken was just pipped by the glazed ham.

Main course winner - Ray D'Arcy with 3 votes


Which dessert did the critics prefer - Ray's Assiette or Dáithí's Warm Chocolate Pudding?

Tom Doorley - Ray's Assiette
I think there was the same amount of skill involved in both but I think in the Assiette, there was more work, there was more effort, more thought in that so by a very short head, I'd go for the Assiette.

Derry Clarke - Dáithí's Warm Chocolate Pudding
Fine line between the two, but I would go with the chocolate pudding with the pharmaceutical ice cream.

Paolo Tullio - Ray's Assiette
I do feel, both desserts, were probably the best of the courses that we got. I thought they were better as desserts than the previous bits of the meal, top end stuff. In the end, I came down on the side of the Assiette as well because there was a lot of work in that and it all tasted very nice.

Dessert winner - Ray D'Arcy with 2 votes

Overall winner of 3 star cook off
Ray D'Arcy 3 stars


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