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The Really Useful Guide to Words and NumbersRTÉ One, Sunday, 12.15pm

Episode 8

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we investigate how crime is reported in the media, have useful tips for reading the time, and feature a really useful guide to taking a train journey.

Programme also includes a studio interview with Bridie Daly, a student from Mullingar who is also on the NALA sub-committee, and Ian Robertson, a Professor of Psychology at Trinity College. Bridie tells us about the fashion show she worked on last year, about reading out loud for the first time, and her interest in ghost and fairy stories. Ian talks about learning from a psychological point of view and describes what goes on in our brains when we overcome our fears and do something for the first time. They also talk about crime and how the media can sometimes sensationalise it and make some types of crime seem far more common than they actually are.

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