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The Really Useful Guide to Words and NumbersRTÉ One, Sunday, 12.15pm

Episode 3

In this weeks episode:

Goals and Motivations looks at how Tom Flynn in Limerick has taken small steps to achieving his goals with the help of his tutor Mary Gallagher, mapping out his learning journey to suit his personality and lifestyle. Word Endings details the process of adding 'ing' to words, with advice on dropping the 'e' if necessary.

A Really Useful Guide to Making Learning Fun for Children, in which the O'Neill Family visit the Bray Aquarium to learn about the various types of creatures that live in the sea.

The programme includes a studio interview with Family Literacy Coordinator Margaret Keating, with Babs Johnston, a student from Cavan, and her two grandchildren Hannah and Tara. Babs has studied courses in English and History and is planning to enroll in a course in Floristry and start up her own business. The interview is centred around the Story in a Sack concept, where children can read a book and use various props to act out the story. Babs also discusses the differences between how families interact with their children these days, the differences in her grandchildren's learning experiences in comparison to her own school days, and her own goals and motivations to going back into learning.

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