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Episode 23

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we feature a really useful guide to catching a flight, provide useful tips on reading timetables, and give help on improving your memory when it comes to learning.

The episode also includes a studio interview with Niamh Geoghegan, who coordinates learning projects with various groups, and Ann Ryle, an adult literacy student from Tralee.

Ann talks about how she first heard about the adult literacy courses on the radio and how it “broke the block of ice” and encouraged her to go back to learning. She talks about her goal of someday writing a letter to the Pope, about how she has managed to overcome the problems of being born with one hand, also about a talk she gave on “The Right to Vote” in City Hall.

Niamh talks about the importance of having goals in life, and goes on to talk about working with people with Aspergers Syndrome. She uses creative media like storytelling and puppet making to improve her students’ social skills by introducing them to new situations with a very hands-on approach. 

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