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Episode 22

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we feature a really useful guide to getting things done in the community, give useful tips on sending an email, and have a look at how the government is made up and who the main government ministers are.

The episode also includes a studio interview with Brendan Smith from the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) in Galway NUI, and Jean Conway, an adult literacy student from Tullamore.

Jean talks about her avid interest in creative writing and poetry, and how she’s had some of her work published in the book that her local adult learning centre issue at the end of every year. She also talks about the sense of community in Tullamore including how they got together to raise the money to prevent their local post office being closed. In reference to the government, she also mentions her appreciation for her local TDs whom she has turned to for help and advice in the past.

Brendan explains the work that is done by the DERI and how they are trying to improve the accessibility of the internet to a wider group of people who don’t have previous experience. He talks about online communities (e.g. Bebo), describes what a blog is and how groups can set up their own websites, and he also talks about the Digital Storytelling project he is working on where community members are recording and archiving their own memories of their younger days on ipods and digital video cameras. 

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