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Episode 20

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we have a really useful guide to Placing a Bet on the dogs, provide useful tips on spelling rhyming words, and feature a piece about how learning gets easier with time.
The episode also includes a studio interview with Noelle O’Dwyer, an Adult Literacy Organiser from County Wicklow, and Michael Power, a student from Tipperary who returned to learning after he was made redundant in a factory.

Michael discusses the fact that taking the first step back into adult education was very tough but that he was overwhelmed at the difference it has made to his life. He talks about helping his kids with their homework, about being a carer in St Anne’s Roscrae working with twenty-somethings with intellectual disabilities, and about how he learned to play the tuba despite not being able to read or write. He also talks about how different people learn differently and have different methods for learning, and he also describes how he’d love to take other adults with literacy problems on the journey that he has travelled.

Noelle talks about the various different reasons people have for returning to the education system at a later stage in life. She also mentions that learning to concentrate is a huge part of returning to learning, and how sometimes it can help to break learning down into smaller chunks, concentrating on smaller goals.

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