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The Really Useful Guide to Words and NumbersRTÉ One, Sunday, 12.15pm

Episode 2

In this weeks episode:

Intercultural Ireland deals with the increasing number of foreigners living and working in Ireland, how these people are integrating into society and the changes this is having on our language in the media.

Alphabetical order is a guide to using the alphabet to organise things such as books and DVDs in a shop or library, as well as using alphabetical order to look up a name in the phone book or word in the dictionary.

The Really Useful Guide to Getting Fit gives helpful tips on things like joining a salsa class or starting up your own 5-a-side football team. The programme also includes a studio interview with DCU Communications Lecturer Bill Dorris, and Michael Sheils, who recently completed his junior and senior certs through Navan VEC and is currently studying a computer course. The interview focuses on Michael's book, "Short Trouser Days in Navan", a collection of his own childhood memories and poems. Michael discusses his journey from leaving school at an early age to returning to education after years of working in the mines, to having his book published. He also discusses his school experiences, making reference to the fear that he felt in the classroom as a child. Bill discusses the potential of the individual to become great, and briefly discusses memory as a storytelling device.

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