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The Really Useful Guide to Words and NumbersRTÉ One, Sunday, 12.15pm

Episode 18

In this weeks episode:

Adult Literacy series produced by BCI in conjunction with NALA. In this programme we feature some useful tips on reading magazine articles, we discuss reading books with children, and there’s also a really useful guide to help you in the event of you having to go to hospital,

The episode also includes a studio interview with Aodhan O’Riordan, Primary Teacher, Labour Counsellor and Deputy Major of Dublin, and Dr Cliona Buckley from the Royal College of Surgeons Minimed School.

Cliona talks about how doctors and hospitals are trying to simplify medical jargon to try to eliminate language barriers in hospitals which can make the experience incredibly traumatic for patients and visitors alike.

Aodhan discusses his Right to Read Campaign that aims to help educationally disadvantaged children and encourage reading, whether it be a novel, soccer magazine or a comic book. He also talks about how important it is to educate children about health and nutrition in schools, and how the current school curriculum has this as a priority.

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