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Episode 16

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we look into how non native English speakers are improving their literacy, there are some useful tips on using apostrophes, and we also feature a Really Useful Guide to Card Games which focuses on the numeracy skills involved in playing Texas Holdem Poker.

The episode also includes a studio interview with Izabela Chudzicka, who presents 'Oto Polska' (This is Poland) on the City Channel, and Beata Pawluk, a polish student who is studying English at the English Academy in Dublin. Izabela talks about presenting the FAS "Know Before You Go" DVD that prepares people who are coming to Ireland by providing information on where to get a PPS number, how to best source out accommodation, and where to start looking for a job. She also talks about her own experiences of living and working in Dublin, and the similarities and differences between Irish and Polish culture.

Beata talks about coming to Dublin in the summer of 2005 to improve her English. She talks about how much her English has improved now that she has to use it every day both in work and at college, and that having a qualification in the English language is not as important as being able to show you can speak the language well in person.

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