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Episode 15

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we discover how a group of deaf or hard of hearing students are overcoming their disability and furthering their learning, we look at words that sound the same but are spelled differently, and feature a Really Useful Guide to dealing with teenagers.

The episode also includes a studio interview with Phil McCabe, coordinator of the E4 Project in Killester, and students Aoife O'Brien who has cerebral palsy, and David Murphy who has spina bifida. The E4 Project is for educationally disadvantaged individuals, ex-offenders, and people with disabilities, and Phil explains that the aim of the project is to see people go back into education, upskill, and be trained to enable them to gain sustainable employment in the wider community. With reference to the video insert on dealing with teenagers, Phil also talks about how important communication is during the teenage years.

Aoife talks about the differences between the E4 Project and her own experiences of school, and how the emphasis on learning at your own pace and mixing with people from all sorts of backgrounds has really helped her. David talks about the secretarial course he completed before joining the E4 Project, the work experience he did at Clontarf Castle, and his aim of securing work in an office when he finishes his current course. Both also talk about the reluctance of employers to hire people with disabilities, and how this is very slowly changing for the better.

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