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Episode 12

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we examine how road deaths are reported on by various media, we feature helpful hints on how getting the most out of newspaper stories, and there is also a really useful guide to using an ATM machine.

The episode also includes a studio interview with Rhonda Smith, a Literacy Awareness Facilitator, and Ann Knox from the Clare eLearning Network. They discuss the layout, language and content differences between tabloid, broadsheets and local newspapers, and how it can be helpful for people who have problems with reading to read news items that are related to their own interests, such as a local newspaper where you might recognise people or place names.

They also talk about road signs, suggesting that the font and the language used could be changed to make it easier for people who have low literacy skills to understand. Ann mentions the fact that students can practice their driver theory tests in Adult Learning Centres, and in relation to the ATM video insert, explains that there is the option to practice using an ATM online, without the fear of holding up the queue behind you.

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