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Episode 11

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we talk to people who are studying the Irish Language, give useful advice on how to fill out a form, and feature a really useful guide to household bills focusing on an ESB bill. The episode also includes a studio interview with Dr Tina Hickey a professor of language and psychology from DCU, and Grace Deeney, a student from Donegal who is studying a night class in the Irish language.

Grace, who was brought up in Glasgow but whose parents were fluent Donegal speakers, talks about her own experiences of going back to learn the language and how it has helped her feel more like a part of the Gaeltacht community she lives in. She also talks about the business course she is studying has helped her manage her own household.

Tina talks about the fact that many Irish speakers who emigrated in the fifties took their Irish language with them and how this is now happening with people from other countries coming into Ireland and how the state and Irish people are reacting and dealing with this. She also talks about the impact of the internet with language and how there are internet communities where Irish is spoken between native Irish speakers living all over the world.

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