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Episode 24

In this weeks episode:

In this programme we feature a really useful guide to catching a flight, provide useful tips on reading timetables, and give help on improving your memory when it comes to learning.

The episode also includes a studio interview with singer/songwriter, Christie Hennessy, and Liz O'Donoghue, an adult literacy student from Limerick who went back to learning in 2005.

Christie, who left school at 11 and has never properly learned how to read and write, talks about how he creates songs by recording everything he plays and piecing together the sections that work. He also talks about being a Messenger Boy when he left school and how he had to remember all the addresses and names on the parcels because he couldn't read them.

Liz talks about how doing the Return to Education course and how it has boosted her confidence. She mentions the rivalry she had with her son last year when they were both doing their Junior Cert, and how she and her two children will sit down and do their homework together. She's planning on going to CCL College in Limerick in September to study a Childcare Course, which is something she could only dream about 2 years ago.

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