About RTÉ Television

To Donna & Joseph McCaul:
PODGE: What do ya think went wrong? Was it you or was it the song? Or that they dressed you like Frank Spencer and Tin Tin?

To Diarmuid Gavin:
RODGE: Do you ever get lazy and just f**k a bag of rubbish over your back wall?

To Senator David Norris:
RODGE: Do you ever think they'll find a cure for gayness?

To Rose of Tralee, Aoibhoinn Ni Shuilleabhain
RODGE: Did any of the escorts drop the hand?

To Gavin Lambe Murphy
RODGE: Does anybody ever spit at ya when your walking down the street?

To Frances Black:
RODGE: Do you ever turn up for a gig and they say "Oh, it's you, I thought we'd booked your sister."

To Jon Kenny:
RODGE: Do you ever watch Killinaskully and think 'That bastard!'

To astrologer Fergus Gibson: Rodge: Welcome Fergus Gibson, Ireland's best known astrologer and psychic. But isn't it all just a load of bollix?

To Sile Seioge:
Rodge: Does Grainne ever come and stay? What if there wasn't enough hot water for two baths, sure you'd probably jump in together would ya?

To Foster & Allen:
The accordion, next to the bagpipes; the most annoying instrument in the world. Discuss.

To Martin King:
Podge: You're best known as the weather w*nker...I mean anchor....on TV3

To Keith Duffy:
RODGE If you were to do a reunion tour do you think Supermacs would give Mikey Graham the time off?

To Pamela Flood:
RODGE: One last question that all the fellas would like to know. Does the hat match the purse?

To Barry McGuigan
Podge: For a young fella from a sh*tehole like Clones, you achieved a lot.

To Brendan O'Carroll
PODGE: We were warned you'd be an annoying little bollix.

To Marty Morrissey
PODGE How did ya discover ya had a talent for talkin' sh*te non-stop