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PodgeName: Padraig Judas O'Leprocy
Age: 65
Occupation: Illegal bicycle repairs, otherwise unemployable.
Physical Appearance: 4 foot 6 inches. Ageing and bloated, yet sprightly. Has managed to keep his bright red hair which is immaculately well groomed with 'Ballydung dolphin oil.' Podge is always well dressed, if a little frayed around the cuffs- his entire wardrobe is made up of 'dead men's clothes.' When at home he dons his smoking jacket and slippers. It's the Noel Coward look. Podge is never seen without his pipe.
How does Podge feel about the way he looks?
Podge thinks he looks sharp and considers himself a bit of a lady-killer.
Siblings- He was born two minutes before his identical twin brother Rodge. He tied Rodge to a rib with the umbilical cord on his way out but he still managed to get and has therefore taken on the older sibling role.
Education -From the age of six they were not allowed out of the Asylum and got their education from a psychiatric nurse whom they called Granny, before she herself went insane. Podge is quite well read and would consider himself a bit of an intellectual.
Childhood activities - Pick pocketing, taxidermy and thieving from dead people.
Sex life and moral beliefs?
A professional pervert.
Religious background and current religious beliefs?
An avid member of the Church of the Dark Lord. Showed a brief interest in Scientology, but it was too weird even by his standards.
Dolphin shooting, taxidermy and collecting 'arthouse' films.
Optimist or Pessimist?
A definite pessimist. He is a miserable bollix, everything is a conspiracy and he resents other people's success, particularly when it comes to his brother Rodge.
What is Podge ashamed of?
He is ashamed that he never fulfilled any of his dreams and ambitions. He solely blames Rodge for holding him back all his life. He considers Rodge to be a noose around his neck. Podge is highly embarrassed by his brother's antics and has long ago grown tired of making excuses for him.
How intelligent is Podge?
Very intelligent and very manipulative. He uses every trick in the book to get what he wants.


RodgeName: Rodraig Spartacus O'Leprocy
Age: 65
Occupation: Illegal bicycle repairs and gut scraper in Ballydung meats. Currently long term unemployed.
Physical Appearance:
Rodge has spiky unruly red hair. He wears combat jackets and overcoats which he'll happily sleep in. He is very scruffy, the opposite to Podge.
How does Rodge feel about the way he looks?
Thinks he looks great - in fact he sees himself as Ballydung's answer to James Bond.
Siblings - He made it out two minutes after his twin Podge, and has remained under his brother's shadow ever since.
Education - His brother taught him all he needs to know. In fact Podge made sure that Rodge never learnt too much for fear of losing control over his sibling.
Childhood activities - A peeping Tom, pick pocketing and pyromania.
Romantic life?
Rodge is a romantic at heart. He always dreamed of finding the right woman, moving out of Ballydung Manor and settling down. But Podge will do anything and everything to ensure that this never happens.
Sex life and moral beliefs?
Rodge is a compulsive fiddler and is constantly 'at' himself. He's not sure if he's actually ever slept with a woman or if it was just his highly sexed imagination.
Religious background and current religious beliefs?
In his youth he was an altar boy for the Church of Satan.
Ladies bicycle saddle collecting, Monkey collecting-he has all 160 species of primate in the attic. Other hobbies include Dolphin shooting, cat shooting, dog shooting, shooting in general.
Optimist or Pessimist?
Rodge is the eternal optimist and despite the constant putting down and holding back by Podge his enthusiasm never waifs.
What is Rodge ashamed of?
Rodge is too stupid to be ashamed of anything.
How intelligent is Rodge?
He's not very intelligent and is very easily led.