The Model Scouts


Series 2

Episode 1
In episode 1 to be broadcast on Tuesday Nov 2nd, the model scouts meet with their favourite 21 girls from all the castings and decide on their final 12 from this group.

Episode 2
IN WEEK 2, the 12 girls will attend a fashion boot camp in Carton House and put on an exclusive runway show.

Episode 3
IN WEEK 3, the 10 girls still in competition travel to London where the focus is on Castings. They will have 2 photo shoots to build up their portfolios - one urban shoot with photographer Khalid El-Awad and a second studio shoot with ex-model Elina Ketchicheva.

Episode 4
IN WEEK 4, The 8 remaining girls travel to Paris and are photographed in Place Vendôme by well known photographer Gilles-Marie Zimmerman. They attend an impromptu Casting with one of the top casting directors, Maida Boina and they have a catwalk lesson with ex-model and runway consultant Deborah Shaw.

Episode 5
IN WEEK 5 & 6, Only six girls remain and they are whisked off to Sydney where they take part in Castings for the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Week. The apprenticeship is over and they will be trying to make it on their own, if the designers don't choose them, the girls don't walk in any shows.

Episode 6
IN WEEK 7, The last 4 girls travel to New York where they meet superstar top model Carolyn Murphy. Carolyn is the face of Estée Lauder and invites the girls to her home to photograph them. They attend a glitzy red carpet event and are called to Teen Vogue for a casting.






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