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Amber Jean Rowan

DUBLIN - Amber Jean Rowan

Amber Jean is 16 and has lived in Clontarf all her life. She is in Transition Year and loves French, English and History. She doesn't like Maths and Science. Her hobbies are acting, singing, dancing and tennis. She has been collecting Vogue magazine for years. When she is older her dream job is to be a working model. Her second choice is to work in the Performing Arts. Her back up plan is to work in PR, Communications or Event Management.

 Carrie-Anne Burton

BELFAST - Carrie-Anne Burton

Carrie Anne is 19 and is the eldest of four. She splits her time between Belfast and Downpatrick. She would love a career in modelling. She would also love to travel the world someday. She describes herself as enthusiastic, capable, hard-working, friendly and always up for a laugh. She thinks she could handle rejection as she believes everything happens for a reason.

Julia McGovern

BELFAST - Julia McGovern

17 year old Julia is from Belfast. She is now in year 13. She loves science - especially Biology and has just discovered Psychology which she loves. She has always wanted to be a doctor. She wants to have a prestigious career and says she is ambitious. She used to have a hamster but can't have any pets anymore as she is allergic to most animals.

Laura Keohane

CORK - Laura Keohane

Laura is 16 and from Ballincollig, Co.Cork. She is in Transition Year in school and Irish and Home Economics are her favourite subjects. She hates Maths. When she is older she wants to work in the fashion industry. She describes herself as loyal, friendly and happy.

 Lisa Madden

CORK - Lisa Madden

Lisa is 16 and from Cork - which she calls "the real capital." She is in Transition Year in school and loves Irish. In her primary school she did all lessons through Irish and it has given her a real love of traditional Irish music, dance and customs. She also loves French, German and Maths but hates History. She would love to be a model more than anything. Being a doctor like her aunt would be her second choice. She describes herself as being level-headed, hard-working and motivated.

Jennifer Foley

CORK - Jennifer Foley

Jennifer is 18 and is the youngest in her family. She describes herself as talkative, determined and passionate. Her favourite subjects are History, French and Business - she doesn't like Irish or Economics. She is now in her 1st year in university. When she graduates she would like to have a successful career in the fashion industry. She was once the winner of Cork's Next Top Model in association with Assets Model Agency. Vivienne Westwood is her favourite designer. She says Donald Trump is her role model in life.

Miriam El-Mahdi

CORK - Miriam El-Mahdi

18 year old Miriam El-Mahdi is currently in first year in UCC studying Social Science and is setting her sights on a career in psychology. She has a twin brother called Neily who is in his Leaving Cert year. She lives with Neily and her mother - her father is from and lives in Libya. Her hobbies include cooking, singing (in the shower) and modelling. She recently took part in UCC's Next Top Model. In primary school she broke national swimming records and has "hundreds of medals" adorning her family home.

Chloe Loughnan

CORK - Chloe Loughnan

Chloe Loughnan is 16 and is from Blackrock, Cork City. She is currently in 5th Year. Her favourite subjects are Business and English. When she finishes school she wants to study business in UCC or Trinity. Ultimately she wants to be her own boss. Her plan is to get into modelling and once when she's an "aul wan" use her business acumen and start up her own modelling agency. Modelling has been her dream since before she can remember. She believes she has the confidence and drive to be a successful model.

Jaime O'Connell

LIMERICK - Jaime O'Connell

Jaime is 18 and is from Castletroy in Limerick. She has three younger brothers, a younger sister and an older sister. She is currently in her first year studying Law in Galway (NUIG). She loves Tort and Family Law but is not a big fan of Constitutional Law. When she graduates she would love to be a model or to specialise in Criminal Law.

Rochelle McIntyre

GALWAY - Rochelle McIntyre

17 year old Rochelle is from Tuam, County Galway. She is doing her Leaving Certificate this year. She loves Japanese as well as Biology and French. She's embarrassed to admit she is not very good at Irish. She'd like to study Law and French in University. She would also like to do a course in Fashion at the same time or when she's got her degree. She says knowing her she could change her mind and want to be an astronaut tomorrow!

Sharon Touhey

OFFALY - Sharon Touhey

Sharon is 18 years old and lives in Clara, County Offaly. She is in 6th year with the Leaving Certificate exam looming in June. Her favourite subject is maths; languages are not her strong point.Sharon is one of 8 siblings. One of her favourite hobbies is Karate. She also likes reading and hanging out with her friends and with her boyfriend.

Sadhbh Moore

KERRY - Sadhbh Moore

18 year old Sadhbh Moore is from Killarney, Co. Kerry. She feels she's got the right look and the right attitude for success. The first thing people say when they meet her is "You're so tall!" or "You should be a model!" But once they get to know her they find out that she's not just a pretty face. They know her as a happy, energetic, intelligent, hard working and ambitious individual. In the past, she has modelled for school fashion shows and for a friend's photography portfolio for university.