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Programme 5: Wave Energy

It's clear we will have to seriously engage with options for renewable energy. A number of Irish investigators are working on different options from solar to biofuels. In fact Ireland has access to two of the most powerful natural resources in the world - wave and wind. For the past 25 years Dr. Tony Lewis (UCC) has been working to harness wave power when few could see the potential. Now together with Michael Whelan in Galway, they believe they may have cracked it - a functioning wave energy buoy which can produce electricity. We'll also look at some of the solutions to potential problems of storage and connectivity of renewable energies.

Featuring: Tony Lewis, Eamonn McKeogh
Interviews: Dr. Colin Campbell, Association For The Study Of Peak Oil, Professor George Smith, Univ of Exeter, John Simmie, NUI Galway, Larry Staudt, Brian O'Gallachoir UCC


Eamonn McKeogh
Eamonn McKeogh