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The Hit


Multi Platinum selling artist Mundy was born Edmund Enright in the rural town of Birr, Co. Offaly, in 1976. After moving to Dublin at the age of 18 Mundy was signed to Sony subsidiary Epic Records and released his debut single 'To You I Bestow' on New Years Day 1996. This single was to have an important influence on Mundys first album, Jelly Legs, that was released in October of the same year. This debut album went on to world wide release. Shortly before the albums release 'To You I Bestow' was licenced for inclusion on the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann's big screen adaption of Romeo + Juliet putting Mundy into the international spotlight. The soundtrack went on to sell 11 million albums world wide.

Following the promotion and touring of Jelly Legs, Mundy started recording his second album and it was at this time differences began to arise between Mundy and Sony over how commercial the songs should be. In 2000 Mundy and Sony parted company and it was at this time took some time out to travel.

On his return Mundy started his own record label Camcor Recording and released the ep 'The Moon Is A Bullethole' and the singles 'Mexico' and 'July'. After critical acclaim of 'Mexico' and 'July' Mundys Multi Platinum album '24 Star Hotel' was released in 2002. The collection of 12 songs, was recorded in London with Legendary producer Tommy D and featured the themes of love, life, addiction and travel. As 'Mexico' and 'July' picked up air play on Irish radio and Mundy began playing to larger crowds at Irish festivals the sales of '24 Star Hotel' went to top 45,00 in Ireland alone and it became one of the biggest independent releases of it's time.

His follow up album 'Raining Down Arrows' follwed in 2004 and went to number 1 in the Irish charts. The back to basics record was recorded in Austin, Texas and holds a special place with Mundy. The album became a firm favourite with Mundys fans and it saw him return to tour the UK supporting acts like Jimmy Webb and Josh Ritter as well as playing headline shows in London, France and Holland.

In 2006 the aptly titled 'Live & Confusion' was released and captured the magic and energy of Mundy in concert. It was recorded at a packed out gig in Vicar Street that October and was seen as a greatest hits at that point in his career. It also featured vodeo footage of the performance and gave the listener and viewer a real snapshot of one of Irelands finest performers at the peak of his powers. The first single to be taken from 'Live & Confusion' was the live version of 'July' and it entered the Irish charts on digital downloads alone at No. 16, the first ever song to do so. Steve Earles 'Galway Girl' which was included as an encore on the album became the biggest download in Ireland of 2007 and was later released as a studio version, going to No. 1 and becoming the biggest selling single of 2008 and the biggest download for the next two years. It was at this time that Mundy played to massive festival audiences at the likes of Electric Picnic, Oxegen and Glastonbury. At the Cambridge Folk Festival in the UK Steve Earle guested with Mundy and Sharron Shannon for 'Galway Girl'. Later Mundy appeared with Sharon Shannons big band and toured all over Ireland and the UK. 'Galway girl' was later to feature in the Bulmers Cider advert. In 2008 Mundy also featured on U2s tribute to Ronnie Drew.

Mundys fourth studio album, 'Strawberry Blood', is possibly his most accomplished to date. Recorded in Grouse Lodge, Co. Westmeath and the Cauldron, Dublin 'Strawberry Blood' features an intriguing cast of contributors including shane McGowan, Gemma Hayes and Interference man Fergus O'Farrell. The result is a beautiful and uplifting album that's a true tonic for the times. The 2009 album is Mundy's first album since 'Jelly Legs' to get a worldwide release due to the genius of iTunes where a delux edition of the album comes with a 24 minute film Splurges which documents the journey he has made recording the album and trying out the material leading up to it's release.

Mundy returned in 2011 with his fifth studio album 'Shuffle' and is an ode to his favourite American songwriters including Bob Dylan, Tom Wait, Jack Clement, Neil Youg, Paul Simons, David Rawlings and more. The release of the album coincided with an Irish tour.

In a careeer that has seen Mundy open for Neil Young, Bob Dylan , REM, Oasis, White Stripes, Manic Street Preachers among others still a firm festival favourite Mundy has been busy touring and playing to large crowds at events both home and abroad including the Westport Festival in 2012 ans 2013. This year saw Mundy reconnect with his fans that have emmigrated from Ireland with a tour of Australia and the USA including dates in New York, Chicago and Boston as well as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The Hit

Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey has a unique pedigree - an all-Ireland, Uillean Pipeand Whistle Champion, singer/songwriter as well as playing 5-string banjo and guitar and now actor. Finbar has been round the block many times with brother Eddie, recording for Transatlantic records in the 60's and after 30 years of phenomenal success as the frontman for the family group, Finbar decided it was time to pursue his solo career and concentrate particularly on his own song writing, singing and playing the instruments for which he is loved- the uileann pipes, 5 string banjo and the low whistle. Finbar's reputation as a solo artist has increased with every performance. He has toured extensively in Britain, Australia and Europe, treating audiences to evenings of pure Irish magic, great music, good humour, and the charm and sparkling wit associated with one of Ireland's great raconteurs.




The Hit

Songwriter: Andrew Basquille and Padraic Gillian and Eugene Murphy (57/53/53)
Song: Yes To You
Location: Dublin

Andrew Basquille is married to Mary Dunne and has two children, Andrea and David. He is founder and managing director of Language and Leisure alongside Eugene. Eugene is, a former teacher, married to Cathy. He enjoys composing music for contemporary dance, theatre and has worked on a number of solo piano projects. Padraic is married to Rita Smyth and together they have 6 children ranging in age from 17 to 29. He is a vice president of an events management company as well as a passionate songwriter.

Andrew, Eugene and Padraic all know each other from their college years at UCD when they formed a band Factor One.

Yes To You has been 30 years in the making. They started writing it in 1981 when they were all in their twenties and making important life choices. The song is inspired by saying yes to various commitments including love, work, faith.


The Hit

Songwriter: Jack Ahern (21)
Song: Hypnotized
Location: Cork

Jack is from Carrignavar, Co.Cork. He is studying music, sound and management in CSN Cork. He has been playing music since he was 3. He began with the violin and has learned many instruments (piano, harmonica, drums, mandolin and saxophone) but his primary instrument is guitar.

Jack wrote this song on a train to Dublin. He decided to set himself the challenge of writing a song with a rap in a modern pop /r'n'b style. It's about a guy who finds a girl incredibly hypnotic.


The Hit

Songwriter: Karen Alice Dunbar (24)
Song: Waiting For Your Love
Location: Wexford

Karen is a recent graduate of UCC with a BA Honours degree in Music and Drama. She has been playing Classical Piano since the age of nine and is a self taught guitar and ukulele player.

She says songwriting is her contribution to the world the best way she knows how.

Waiting For Your Love is a song about being in limbo inspired by a personal experience.

Her songs take the form of a standard pop song but she tries to use her lyrics carefully and keep her ideas original.

The Hit

Songwriter: Gerry Fleming (56)
Song: The Last Great Love Song
Location: Dublin

Gerry has been married for the last 30 years to Frances. They have three sons, Adam, Aidan and Graham.

Gerry was a truck driver for years but returned to college as a mature student and studied at night for 6 years. He is now a family therapist. He began writing this love song six years ago. This song holds a lot of meaning for him.

His ambition as a songwriter is to overhear someone sing his songs.


The Hit

Songwriter: David McShane (37)
Song: Captured
Location: Antrim (Dublin)

David is originally from Belfast but he moved to Dublin when he was 25 and fell in love with the city and his now wife Rebecca. He works for Enterprise Ireland in IT. He is a keen kite surfer.

He fell in love with music when he started learning piano at five and started writing songs when he discovered electric guitars at the age of 12.

The song is about a guy who met a girl and wasn't looking for anything serious. It was meant to be just a bit of fun but then he fell for her and couldn't get her out of his mind. The more he thinks about her, the more he can't be without her.


The Hit

Songwriter: Mark Walsh (44)
Song: Jigsaw Man
Location: Dublin

Mark is married to Olivia and they have two daughters and a baby boy. In the early 90's Mark played with a number of Dublin bands and he recently wrote a song for Disney with his two daughters on backing vocals.

mark wrote jigsaw man when he was going through a hard time feeling lost in life. But the song is about making it through and finding happiness.




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