Episode Four

The Hit

Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba was born in Dublin 18th January 1983. She is Irish and Zambian. Samantha started Her singing and performing career at "Billy Barry Stage School" at the tender age of 3 and stayed there until She was 15.

At the age of 15 Samantha entered a singing competition on RTE Television in Dublin called "Let Me Entertain You" and was quickly snapped up by "Westlife" and "Boyzone" manager and X-Factor Judge "Louis Walsh". Louis had Samantha quickly signed to Polydor records and released Her first Album "Gotta Tell You" on which She co-wrote the majority of the tracks. The Album was a huge success and reached number 4 in the US Hot 100 Billboard Chart, in total Samantha sold in excess of 4.5 Million copies throughout the world with hits on the album; "Gotta Tell You", "Baby Come On Over'' and ''Body 2 Body''. Samantha won Smash Hits Poll Party "Best Female Newcomer" and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

In 2002 Samantha played Mara in the huge Smash hit movie by Steven Spielberg "The Time Machine", She went on to becoming the Youth Ambassador in Ireland for Unicef in 2003 doing charity work and taking her first field trip with them to Zambia highlighting HIV/AIDS. In 2005 Samantha had a leading role in the Irish Smash Hit Movie "Boy Eats Girl" and finally in 2006 performed in the Irish Movie "Johnny Was", starring alongside; Vinnie Jones, Lennox Lewis, Eriq La Salle, Roger Daltrey and Patrick Bergin.

Samantha's modeling roles to date have been with "Ultimo" the lingerie range sold in Dunnes Stores, Reebok, in a poster campaign and as an ambassador for Dior being the face of the Dior Watch Collection.

Samantha now lives in the US and has been primarily focusing on her acting. She recently just wrapped on a new pilot titled 'Valley Boys' which is currently in network negotiations and also her new feature "Home" with Heather Langenkamp for LionsGate. This will be released in early 2014.

The Hit

Republic Of Loose

Republic of Loose have released four critically acclaimed albums, going double platinum in Ireland with three top 10 albums. Numerous hits including 'You Know It', 'The Steady Song', 'Comeback Girl', 'I Like Music', 'Shame' and 'They Pay For Love' have seen the band become one of the most played Irish bands in the history of Irish radio. The Loose have toured the US several times selling out venues from New York to LA including shows in the US with Snow Patrol. The band have recorded and performed with many artists including Kevin Godley, Cerys Matthews, Sinead O'Connor, Styles P and Shane MacGowan. Over the bands career, Republic Of Loose have toured the US, UK and Europe, opening up for U2 on their 360 tour, supported The Neville Brothers, Dilated Peoples, Scissors Sisters and Alabama 3 in Europe, reached over 1 million youtube hits, sold over 80000 concert tickets, won a meteor award and were nominated for a choice award. At the beginning of 2010 the bands second album was listed in Q magazines 100 top albums of the decade. In 2012, 'Comeback Girl' was turned into a short story by Irvine Welsh(Trainspotting). Republic Of Loose have been recording their fifth album in 2013.

www.republicofloose.com - www.myspace.com/republicofloose




The Hit

Songwriter: Fiona Harte (19)
Song: Make Or Break
Location: Tyrone

Fiona Harte is 19 year old and from Tyrone. She is a music student currently studying in BIMM Dublin.

She started song writing at the age of 8 and has had a passion for it ever since. She writes about real life events mostly.

It would mean the world for her to have her song released as it has been a life long dream of hers to become a singer songwriter. She has always found herself listening to songs on the radio and wondering how it would feel to have written them.


The Hit

Songwriter: Mark Keogh & Dave Spiro (45/44)
Song: Thinking of You
Location: Dublin

Mark and Dave have known each other since childhood. They grew up around the corner from each other in Rialto.

Mark moved back to Dublin in 2007 with his wife Antonia after spending ten years in New York. He taught himself guitar, bass and keyboards, and began writing songs with friends in his mid-teens.

Dave is married to Jaye and they have one daughter. He works as a mental health nurse in Dublin. He has always loved music and started song writing in his early twenties.

The song is about Marks years in New York City. It's like an open love letter to that city and a snapshot of all the memories and friends he has there.


The Hit

Songwriter: Liz Seaver (26)
Song: Somebody Like Me
Location: Dublin

Liz lives in Skerries with her boyfriend of 9 years Cormac. She is a self employed musician and music teacher. She gives piano and guitar lessons to about 40 students each week which keeps her busy. She has been writing songs for 11 years and would love her songs to be heard by a world wide audience.

This song is about self-doubt and was inspired by personal experiences.


The Hit

Songwriter: Simon Bushby (31)
Song: Georgia
Location: Dublin

Simon lives in Balbriggan with is wife of four years, Aoife, and their 18 month-old son Donagh. He works full time in Bank of Ireland.

He is self taught in guitar, keyboard and harmonica as well as singing .

The song is about a man who is in love with a woman who he doesn't want to be. He can see that life should be better with her gone, but his heart tells him otherwise.

He has been writing music for half of his life and would love to think that his composition was worthy of being recorded and released by a professional artist.


The Hit

Songwriter: Sandra Clarke (39)
Song: This Love Ain't Enough
Location: Monaghan

Sandra is from Monaghan and teaches children in High Support Special Care.

She taught herself guitar when she was 16 and started learning the piano 3 years ago. She has written poetry since she was 7 but took up songwriting when she learned the piano.

She is hoping to gain recognition and credibility for her songwriting and one day become an award winning lyricist.

This Love Ain't Enough is about how sometimes loving someone isn't enough to sustain a relationship.


The Hit

Songwriter: Declan Landy (41)
Song:Give a little love
Location: Dublin

Declan is a full time musician who lives in Dublin. He has a 14-year old son Dean and fiancée Donna.

Music is his life. He has been performing since leaving school in pubs and clubs both as a solo artist and in bands and has also been writing songs for the same amount of time.

He studied Guitar up to Grade 8 level in Acoustic and Grade 6 level in Electric with the London College of Music (RGT Exams) as well as Piano up to Grade 5 Associated Board of Music.




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