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About the Show

It’s one of the largest natural harbours in the world – and those living near Cork Harbour insist that it’s also one of the most interesting.

This was the last port of call for the most famous liner in history, the Titanic, but it has been transformed into a centre for chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Giraffe wander along its shores, from which tens of thousands of men and women left Ireland, most of them never to return. The harbour is home to the oldest yacht club in the world, and to the Irish Navy.

This deep waterway has also become a vital cog in the Irish economy.

‘The Harbour’ is not a history programme, nor is it a news focus. It’s simply an exploration of this famous waterway, its colour and its characters.

Made with the assistance of:
  • The Port of Cork
  • Cork Docklands Directorate
  • Howard Holdings plc
  • Marine Transport Services
  • Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals

  • With special thanks to:
  • Brian Walsh, RTÉ

  • With thanks to:
  • Radisson SAS Cork
  • Clarion Hotel Cork
  • Royal Cork Yacht Club
  • Jean Kearney
  • Maritime Institute of Ireland
  • National Maritime Museum
  • The Vision Centre
  • Stills photography courtesy of Irish Examiner
  • Narrated by: Fiona Shaw
    Archive: RTÉ, Royal Cork YC, Port of Cork, Cobh Heritage Centre, Irish Examiner, Robert Bateman
    Production team: Angela Fealy, Colin McEndoo, Gillian McKeever, Tom O'Brien, Nuala Keogh, Anne Bergin
    Assistant Editor: Sarah Cruise
    Rostrum Camera: Nico Vermeulen
    Graphics: Laura Brooks
    Original music composed and performed by: Keith Donald and Dubz
    Underwater Photography: John Collins
    Aerial Photography: Skyworks
    Additional Photography: Bob Bateman
    Sound recordist:
    John Lowry
    Lighting Cameraman:
    Chris O'Brien
    Marine safety advisor: Paddy Boyd IIMM
    Film Editor:
    Bob Caldwell
    Willie Galvin
    Executive Producer: David O'Brien