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The Great EscapeRTÉ One, Tuesday, 10.15pm

Programme 1: Marbella, Spain

The Danker Family

The perfect antidote to the post-Christmas and credit crunch blues, The Great Escape features four stories of different Irish families who made the break with Ireland and moved lock stock and barrel to start a new life in another country.

The first programme features the sunshine and blue skies of Spain and the story of the Dankers from Terenure in Dublin who moved to Marbella in search of a better life. Stay-at-home mother Suzanne and former antiques dealer Howard moved to Marbella with their two young sons in July 2007.

Go-getter Suzanne set up a wedding planning business for Irish couples getting married in Spain, while Howard planned to set up an antiques business. The programme follows their progress as they depart from the grey skies of Dublin through their first year in Marbella as they contend with starting from scratch in a new country.

The Danker Family
The Danker Family
Howard and Suzanne Danker
Howard and Suzanne