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Programme 1

In the first episode David shows why he believes Ireland's boom will come to an end. Unstoppable forces of globalisation, mountains of personal debt, a faltering property market and an over reliance on American multinationals will combine to bring about collapse. David calls Ireland's economy the 'Botox Economy': an aged economy pretending to be young and relying on foreign companies to keep it afloat. To avoid catastophe, he argues, Ireland must reinvent itself.

To make matters worse David shows that a new divide has emerged in Irish society, not between left and right or between rich and poor, but between the old and the young. Introducing Billy Bunker and Botox Bettie, the archetypal Older Generation couple sitting pretty on their property windfall and good pensions, he argues that they and the rest of their Jagger Generation peers are ignoring the strain and stresses of the country's younger generation, The Jugglers. While the Jaggers play golf and lounge about in health spas the Jugglers are struggling to juggle inflating costs, mounting debts and ever-increasing life pressures.

To prove his point David brings us to a country on the other side of the planet that had an identical boom to Ireland's and is today one of the world's poorest nations.

David McWilliams
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