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Programme 5: Mick Kinsella and Josephine Marsh

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Mick Kinsella

Mick Kinsella, originally from Tullow, Co Carlow and now living in West Clare, plays harmonica and English concertina. He is a highly respected musician both in the traditional music world and also the other musical genres of jazz, blue grass, rock and blue grass.

In 1995 he travelled to Australia with his group at the time 'The Slightly Bewildered String Band' and performed at many of the folk festivals such as Canberra and Port Fairy as well as some performance in Tasmania. He is often asked to give workshops and perform abroad and often teams up with fellow harmonica players, Rick Epping and Brendan Power. As well as his own records, Mick has recorded on over 50 albums to date including Altan's 'Another Sky', Billy Connolly's'World Tour of England, Ireland and Wales', Micheal O Suilleabhain's 'River of Sound', Mick Hanly's 'Wooden Horses', John Spillane's 'Lapadain, Lupadain' (Between the jigs and the reels), Emer Mayock's 'Merry Bits of Timber' & 'Playground', Cormac Breathneach's 'Musical Journey', Phil Callery's 'From the edge of memory', Brendan Power's 'New Irish Harmonica' and Michael Flatley's 'Celtic Tiger'.

Mick has worked on many film and television scores including "The General", "River of Sound" and "Ballad of the Sade Café".

His television and radio appearances have included The Late Late Show, The Pat Kenny Show, Geantraí, Ardán, Rattlebag, Gerry Ryan Show and performances for Australian television and radio.


Josephine Marsh

Josephine Marsh plays a 2-row Hohner Black Dot accordion and has been playing music since the age of 8. She comes from a musical family and cites her father, Paddy, as one of her main influences. Her brother Pat plays Irish bouzouki. Josephine draws her music from the older tradition but also performs many original compositions such as the reel 'Phyllis' Birthday.'

Josephine Marsh is a musician with a highly personalised and distinctive style. Her debut solo recording reveals remarkable insight and sensitivity towards the core of the tradition. She looks for the deepest feelings in music and has a way of bringing about a mood of great happiness and uplift.

Even though she plays in a style that is both personal and at the same time distilled from the musical influences of East Clare, she refuses to be constrained or defined by anything other than her own eclectic musical tastes.

On St. Patrick's Day 1997 Josephine, Pat Marsh and Niamh Parsons performed at Capitol Hill for President Clinton and political guests from Ireland. Josephine has been involved with many different collaborations over the years and her most recent one was with mandolin player, Declan Corey and the Welsh duo Toreth. Together they completed a Music Network Tour of Ireland and Wales, where they played on S4C TV.

Another project of note was 'The Music of Ghosts' which took place at the Mountshannon Festival in 2003; Josephine was musician in residence and composed the music to accompany the PJ Curtis story of the same title. This project featured five other musicians, a narrator, and was accompanied by the images of photographer Mike Mulcaire.

Josephine both plays and teaches the accordion, fiddle, concertina and tin whistle. Her playing and teaching led her to Australia in 1995 where she performed at many of the festivals, including Port Fairy and the National folk festival in Canberra. Since her return from Australia she has been involved in several recordings, including her own self- titled, solo CD in 1995 and her band's album in 2001, titled 'I can hear you smiling'.

She has been a guest on many albums since then, including A DREAM UNFOLDS - (1997) Kate Purcell's solo CD . LIVE IN PEPPERS - (1998) various artists, i.e.; Martin O Connor, Tommy Peoples, etc, THE DIMMING OF THE DAY - (1998) Gerry Lynch (vocals) THE ORCHARD - (1998) Sean Tyrrell (vocals) , PIECES OF THE PAST - (1999) Tim Flannery (vocals) - Featuring: Jackson Browne and Bruce Hornsby, WOODEN HORSES - (2000) Mick Hanly on his solo album (2000), BLACKBIRDS AND THRUSHES - (1999) Niamh Parsons, IN MY PRIME - (2000) Niamh Parsons THE GREEN MOUNTAIN - (2000) Pat O Connor (fiddle) , BEHIND THE MIST - (2000) A compilation album featuring Davy Spillane, Sharon Shannon, Sean Tyrrell, etc, I CAN HEAR YOU SMILING - (2001) The Josephine Marsh Band, SEAN GARVEY - (2002)

Previous albums include: TO MEET A FRIEND - (1990) Josephine Marsh/Cyril O Donoghue , THE HUMOURS OF CLARE - (1990) various artists, i.e.; Sean Tyrrell, Martin Hayes, etc, THE SANCTUARY SESSIUNS - (1994) various artists, i.e.; Sean Tyrrell, Kevin Crawford, Shannon Family, etc.

On New Years day 2001 Josephine, together with Declan Corey, Tommy Carew (from her band), Siobhan Peoples, Jim Kerrigan and John Moloney played live on the BBC world service. She has appeared on several television programmes in recent years. These include:
SULT - a Hummingbird Production for both RTÉ One and Teilifis na Gaeilge, presented by Donal Lunny.
NATIONWIDE - an RTÉ One production which also featured the music of the group De Dannan.
Geantraí - 1998 and Christmas 2000, shown on Teilifis na Gaeilge and RTÉ One and presented by Brendan Begley.
SIBIN - also a Teilifis na Gaeilge production that featured the whole band.
THE PAT KENNY SHOW - shown on RTÉ One, featuring the singer/songwriter, Kate Purcell. FLOSC - 2001 TG4, featuring the 'Josephine Marsh Band'. Programme also featured Dervish, Danu, Calico and many other Irish Bands.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has included 'The Shepherd' from the Josephine Marsh album, in a film based on the Great Famine in Ireland, narrated by Gabriel Byrne. This film also included music from The Chieftans and Zan McCloud.

Josephine's music has/is featured on a regular basis on local, national, and international radio stations such as Clare FM, RTÉ One/RTÉ Two, BBC World Service ,(both the albums and a live performance on New Years day 2001), etc. Airplay has also included live interviews on Sydney radio; Australia, Breton Radio, France, the Kathleen Biggins celtic radio show in New York, live on 'Folkscene' KPFK radio - Los Angeles, and in February 2000 recorded for the Garrison Keillor programme, 'A Prairie Home Companion' recorded live at the University Concert Hall, Limerick and RTE's 'Rattlebag.'

Mick Kinsella and Josephine Marsh
Mick Kinsella and Josephine Marsh
Mick Kinsella
Mick Kinsella
Matt Molloy
Josephine Marsh