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Hotelier Francis Brennan, a stickler for high standards, puts four washing powder brands to the test with the help of Glenstal Abbey's rugby team.

Francis Brennan travelled to the County Limerick Benedictine monastery and boarding school, Glenstal Abbey, where he met a team of rugby players happy to assist The Consumer Show in getting as dirty as possible in a mucky game of rugby. Kitted out in brand new white t-shirts, the Glenstal students tackled, rucked and mauled until their shirts were a far-cry from white.

Francis then divided the dirty shirts into four equal piles so that they could be washed on a 40 degree cotton wash cycle using four biological washing powders- Persil, Ariel, Daz and Almat from Aldi.

Francis joined Keelin to find out which brands performed best under these trying conditions.

Francis felt that none of the shirts could be worn out again, unless they were just being worn at another rugby training session. However, in order of preference, Francis ranked the washing powders as follows:

First - Persil (39c per wash)
Joint 2nd - Ariel (42c per wash) & Aldi's own brand Almat (9c per wash)
Last - Daz (32c per wash)

Francis' advice - "Buy Aldi, wash twice and you're happy"








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