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Vacuum Cleaner

Phyllis and Denis Lenihan from Kerry bought a vacuum cleaner from Argos. Quite early on they noticed a smell of burning and a variance in the speed, but in May this year it began tripping the circuit breaker in the house. The Lenihans contacted Argos who told them to contact Samsung. Samsung told the Lenihans their contract was with the retailer and they should get back onto Argos. Frustrated, Phyllis and Denis got in touch with The Consumer Show and Argos have since agreed to replace their faulty vacuum cleaner.

Statement from Argos:
Thank you for bringing this customer issue to our attention. Argos always strives to provide the best service possible and we are concerned when our customers are disappointed. If the Lenihans are willing to contact a member of the Argos care team, with whom we will put them in direct contact, we would be willing to offer them a refund replacement whereby they will receive a new product to the same value as the original.








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