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The Consumer Show

Unclaimed Money

Times are tough and money is tight but RTÉ's The Consumer Show has estimated there is about ¤525 million euro sitting out there waiting to be claimed by cash-strapped consumers.

It's 11 years since we said goodbye to the punt yet the Central Bank say there are some £184m in notes and £98m in coins still outstanding.

That's about ¤358m of money idling under mattresses or down the back of couches which can be exchanged for hard cash in the Central Bank.

Many people play the lottery in the hope of a cash windfall yet almost ¤90 million in Lottery prizes and jackpots have gone unclaimed over the past five years. Currently the unclaimed prize pot stands at ¤15 million.

There is also a lot of money in forgotten bank accounts. The National Treasury Management Agency say there is over ¤150 million waiting for the owners of dormant saving accounts and life assurance policies.

There are other, smaller sums out there such as ¤1.6m euro worth of Prize Bonds winnings. And in the capital about ¤2m in refunds from Dublin Bus go unclaimed every year by passengers who overpaid their fares. Only a quarter of refunds are claimed so if you want your money back bring your refunds into the Dublin Bus office on O'Connell Street

All of those sums add up to over ¤525 million euro so this week The Consumer Show's reporter Kathriona Devereux is urging viewers to check if any of it belongs to them!








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