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The Consumer Show

The Consumer Show

Takeaway Pizzas

Three office-workers, Patrick Sean and Tyrone from Independent Valuations on Baggot Street working late at the office order pepperoni pizza from three popular pizza chains- Four Star Pizza, Dominos and Apache. All the pizzas were ordered at the same time. Each of the pizza outlets was within a two mile radius of the Baggot Street office. The testers judged each pizza on speed of delivery, taste and value for money.

  • 17 minutes after ordering, The 13 inch pepperoni pizza from Dominos was the first to arrive. It cost ¤18 and delivery was free.
  • 31 minutes after ordering, the 15 inch pepperoni pizza from Apache was second to arrive. It cost ¤12.99 including delivery.
  • 33 minutes after ordering, the 14 inch pepperoni pizza from Four Star pizza was the last to arrive. It cost ¤11.00 including delivery.
  • [*Four Star's menu lists this pizza at ¤15.00 but on the night we ordered the pizza was sold at ¤11.00]

Patrick, Sean and Tyrone scored Dominos as their overall winner. It came out on top in terms of both 'taste' and 'delivery time' but Four Star scored best on 'value for money'.








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