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Catherine with Rosaria and Rosaria's daughter

Consumer Clinic - Nenagh
This week Eddie travelled to the traditional market town of Nenagh with The Consumer Show Clinic, where he came across a variety of financial and consumer problems.

Some useful tips from Eddie:

  • When you buy a car, remember the following:
    - The seller is liable for the product you have bought.
    - Manufacturer's warranties and guarantees don't take away your rights.
    - In general you are entitled to a replacement or cash refund if the product is defective.
  • Paying a fixed amount to your bills throughout the years balances out the winter highs and summer lows - Credit Unions and An Post offer this bill pay service free of charge.
  • When it comes to funeral costs:
    - If you are a member of a credit union (since before your 70th birthday), you are entitled to an automatic death grant of ¤1,300.
    - A Bereavement Grant of ¤850 is also available from the Department of Social Protection - qualification for this grant is based on PRSI contributions and will be paid to the person who has paid the funeral bill.
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    Catherine with Rosaria and Rosaria's daughter

    Think Irish
    Since the beginning of the series The Consumer Show has been working hard to try and make it easier for those of you who want to buy Irish products in our supermarkets. We have developed a brand new logo, and the experiment is gathering pace.

    Next, the sixth class students of St Louis Senior Primary School in Rathmines got involved in our campaign. We went shopping with two of the children and their mums and both admitted they found it time-consuming and tricky to find Irish products within the shops. We will find out how their shopping habits change once the Think Irish campaign is introduced into supermarkets.

    To progress the campaign further, we invited the Irish brand representatives from Guaranteed Irish, Love Irish and Truly Irish to come together to discuss the benefits of a unifying logo.

    Finally, we contacted all of the major supermarkets to see if they would pilot our new logo - Tesco and Eurospar have come on board and will roll out the Think Irish logo in their Stillorgan and Killiney shops respectively. 'Think Irish' is up and running as a pilot scheme, now it's time to see how far it can go...


    Consumer Show Test
    The Consumer Show always wants to find the best value for money for our viewers. With this in mind, we have invited some well-known "foodies" to give us their feedback some family staples. This week Brent Pope, Brendan O'Carroll and Eunice Power give their thoughts on vegetable soup.


    Online Daily Deals
    While Irish consumers can choose from over 30 'daily deal' sites, the market is dominated by 5 "heavy-hitters" with a combined 90% market share. These websites, including Groupon, LivingSocial and Pigsback, have become household names in Ireland.

    In 2011 we spent ¤46 million in this way - snapping up nearly 200 deals a day online. And if the headline discounts are to be believed, we apparently "saved" ¤83 million in the process.

    But while there are savvy savings to be made, there may be a downside to your daily deal. Recent research has found that 28% of consumers who purchased a deal online were unhappy with their transaction. will.

    Tina Leonard joined Keelin in studio to outline consumers' rights in this area:

    • Your rights do not change because something is on sale. There should be no difference in the quality of the product or service offered compared to buying directly from the provider at full cost.
    • When shopping online you are legally entitled to a 'cooling off' period of seven days when you can change your mind and pull out. If exercising this you contact the deal site. Some sites offer longer cooling off periods.
    • If you contact the retailer/provider and for any reason they can't provide the service /don't deliver the product, the deal site should remedy the situation i.e. refund.
    • If you redeem your voucher and avail of the service but are not happy with it, your complaint should then be made to the retailer / service provider, who are legally obliged to provide what was promised to you.

    Some tips to remember when availing of an online deal:

    • Only buy if you really need the offer- not just because it's a bargain.
    • Check ahead with the business for available dates before you buy an offer especially when they have already sold a lot of deals.
    • Search online for information on the business an shop elsewhere if a competitor is offering better value.
    • Don't miss the voucher expiry date.
    • Use the voucher as soon as possible. Popular deals may be heavily booked.
    • * Subscribe to aggregate sites (mydealpage.com / d3als.ie) to get all the daily deals in one place rather getting multiple emails sent to you each day from various sites.


      Statement from Groupon
      With regard to Jim McMahon's complaint, our Customer Service team has confirmed that we have no record of Jim contacting Groupon concerning this query. We ask any customer who has experienced a delay in redeeming their Groupon to call the Customer Service team, so that in line with the Groupon UK Promise we can ensure that they get their product and or experience booked as quickly as possible or receive a refund in a timely manner.

      We have emailed Jim at the email address he provided when he purchased the product to offer him a full cash refund and credits to his Groupon account as a gesture of goodwill.

      Our Customer Service team has also confirmed that Catherine Connellan has in fact been in contact with the Groupon IE Customer Services team five times in the past. The first two times were with regard to different deals which were resolved to her satisfaction. The next three times were regarding her current voucher. I am sorry Catherine was unable to make contact with the merchant to redeem her purchase within the validity of the voucher and has now been offered a full refund.

      Statement from LivingSocial
      With daily deals in over 600 markets around the world, LivingSocial prides itself on offering great customer experiences to each and every one of our members, and on only working with great business in all our markets. We stand behind the deals that we promote and take every possible action to immediately and fully resolve any instances where the customer experience falls below our high standards.
      LivingSocial has been in contact with Natalie and has fully investigated her query. Natalie has now been issued with a full refund. LivingSocial holds itself to exceptionally high customer service standards and is very disappointed to learn of this instance.







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