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Programme 3: 3rd May

Renault - Electric Window Fault
Irish customers of Renault appear to be getting a raw deal at the hands of the French car maker. The Consumer Show viewers have alerted us to a problem in some of Renault cars' electric windows, a fault that Renault is compensating customers for in the UK, but has not been offered to our complainants in Ireland.

The problem lies with the electric window regulators, which can fail and result in the windows spontaneously slipping open and the windows cannot be closed again. The fault can cost the car owner up to 500 euro per window to repair. One car owner featured on the programme, who has a Renault Mégane, has three windows that aren't working and faces paying 1,500 euro to repair them.

This week our Reporter Joe O'Shea takes to the road and meets some of the frustrated Renault owners who have contacted The Consumer Show regarding this issue.

The Consumer Show contacted Renault to ask why Irish Renault owners are not being offered the same level of customer care and service as their UK counterparts. Renault Ireland issued the following statement:

Renault Statement
'Renault through its franchise dealer network operates a policy of commercial goodwill that means even after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty it may be possible to have partial or even total coverage of costs to rectify a defect.'

'This policy is applied on an individual case-by-case basis once the vehicle has been inspected at a Renault dealership and the terms and conditions of the policy are met.'

'In Ireland the policy applied to rectify a specific issue on the previous model Mégane with regard to a window mechanism failure. The same applied in the UK and France.'

'We invite any Renault customer who has a window mechanism issue on this previous model Mégane to take their car to a Renault dealer to be assessed.'

'Your Renault dealer will then inform you of the eligibility of your specific case for coverage under this policy. You will find your nearest Renault dealership on www.renault.ie'

'The manufacturer's warranty on these vehicles was 2 years mileage unlimited or 3 years with 100,000km mileage limitation. The "goodwill coverage" referred to extends beyond that. Any goodwill coverage provided by RENAULT is non-contractual and operates under a policy that is subject to change without prior notice on a case-by-case basis. For reasons of clarification, we would like to state that this is not an extension to the manufacturer's warranty.'

'RENAULT in both the UK and IRELAND have been providing goodwill coverage on the window mechanisms of the Mégane II models since 2006.'

Alternatives to Petrol:
With petrol prices now more than ¤1.50 per litre, Irish motorists are hard pressed to fill the tank every month. Electric Cars are being suggested as a cost saving alternative.

Ambitious Government targets are in place to put 6000 electric cars on the road by the end of 2012. It intends that 10% of the Irish motoring fleet will be electric by 2020.

Meanwhile the ESB says it will install more than 3,500 charging points in homes, on streets and in petrol stations around the country by the end of 2011.

This week The Consumer Show asks if Irish motorists should consider 'going electric'.

The first 1000 people who buy an electric car will also benefit from a government grant to the tune of ¤5,000. This money is available as part of the Government's ¤5million euro grant fund which is available until December 2012.

The Consumer Show Trolley:
Since January The Consumer Show has been tracking the prices of a range of goods, everything from fruit and veg, to bread, milk, cereals, soft drinks even detergents. We have been tracking the prices of branded and non branded goods in Tesco, Dunnes, Superquinn, Supervalu. Let's see show how these prices have changed in 7 days.

Prices at Superquinn have increased ¤1.15 to ¤174.27; Prices at Dunnes have increased by ¤1.41 to ¤162.59; At Tesco our trolley of goods have increased by ¤2.45 to ¤158.37; And for the second week in a row, Supervalu was the cheapest supermarket for our trolley of goods. Supervalu also increased by ¤0.99 to ¤156.72

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