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The Consumer Show

The Consumer Show

Catherine with Rosaria and Rosaria's daughter
Keelin Shanley & Eddie Hobbs

Programme Six: 11th October

In the final episode of The Consumer Show Eddie Hobbs offers step by step financial guidance to our audience on how to weather the storm of the economic downturn.

Keelin Shanley takes a look at the growing market of herbal remedies, and asks if we really know how safe these products are.

We examine the provision of broadband in Ireland, comparing costs, speed and accessibility; and TV Chef Louise Lennox helps Keelin discover whether paying a higher price for your breakfast sausage actually gives you more bang for your banger.

Eddie's Plan for Muddler Debtors:
Step 1 - Get the facts
Step 2 - Set a ruthless target
Step 3 - Consolidate debt
Step 4 - Look for ways to save ¤¤¤
Step 5 - Cut credit card
Step 6 - Share The Plan

Eddie's Plan for Distressed Debtors:
Step 1 - Statement of Affairs
Step 2 - Sell liquid assets
Step 3 - Set survival budget
Step 4 - Prioritise secured loans:
Step 5 - Address unsecured creditors
Step 6 - Plan not plea

To purchase Debt Busters by Eddie Hobbs, please visit www.currach.ie

Food Safety Authority Of Ireland
"In order to protect the Irish consumer, anyone - from importer to wholesaler to retailer - who wants to sell a food supplement in Ireland which wasn't for sale in the EU prior to 1997 has an obligation to ensure that supplement is authorized for sale in the EU through the novel food regulation before placing it on their shelves for sale.

This can be done by checking with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland."

Irish Association Of Health Stores Statement
"... there has been no recall or notification to the Irish Association of Health Stores from any of the regulatory bodies in relation to this herb. The Irish Association of Health Stores is in regular contact with both the Food Standards Authority of Ireland and the Irish Medicines Board and is committed safe, responsible and ethical retailing. All notifications from regulatory bodies are circulated to our membership immediately and we are satisfied the our members are making every attempt to be compliant with present national legislation."





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