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The Consumer Show

Catherine with Rosaria and Rosaria's daughter
Keelin Shanley and Eddie Hobbs

Programme Four: 27th September

This week, Eddie Hobbs takes a hard look at the prices of medication in pharmacies across the country. He compares these to the prices allowed by the HSE and asks how much money our pharmacists may be profiting for themselves.

Meanwhile, Keelin Shanley exposes a South African bank draft scam that left one of our viewers out of pocket to the tune of three thousand euro.

And, we think we are buying Irish......but are we? We trace what we believe are traditional Irish products back to their roots, with surprising results.

Pharmacy Prices

Following on from our programme on Monday September 27th, The Consumer Show have received a number of enquiries about the story we covered on the price of medication in pharmacies. The Consumer Show revealed that Irish pharmacies have a dual pricing system in place. There is one cheaper price available to the HSE and another much more expensive price being charged private patients.

Private patients are charged a staggering 50% mark up from the whole sale price of medicines plus a dispensing fee, whilst the HSE are being charged a more reasonable 20% mark up plus a dispensing fee.

If you want to compare what the HSE are being charged compared to what you are being charged for medications in your local pharmacy you can determine the HSE rates by following the steps below:

Step 1:
Go to www.pcrs.ie and choose "List of Reimbursable Items" from the menu on the left.

Step 2:
Choose "List of Reimbursable Items" from the two options displayed.

Step 3:
Enter the name of the relevant medication where it says "Description" and click search.

Step 4:
Select the dosage and quantity of medicines and take note of price listed.

Step 5:
Take the price listed and ADD 20% then apply a dispensing fee. You should allow between ¤3.50 and ¤5 for a dispensing fee.


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