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The Consumer Show

The Consumer Show

Catherine with Rosaria and Rosaria's daughter
Keelin Shanley and Eddie Hobbs

Programme Three: 20th September

In Episode Three, finance guru Eddie Hobbs guides two homeowners through the maze of home insurance options in order to find the best deals available.

Keelin Shanley explores the thorny subject of claiming tax back on unused airline tickets, and The Consumer Show examines the issues surrounding written-off cars that are imported into Ireland and sold on to unsuspecting Irish customers.
To find out if your car has been written off, please visit any of the following websites: www.aaireland.ie / www.cartell.ie / www.motorcheck.ie
www.simi.ie / www.transport.ie

Plus Eddie offers seven steps to financial sanity:

1. Rule one is think like the Dept of Finance. Set a target that brings you back into the black like cutting spending by 20%. Wandering around your finances aimlessly is useless. You can't hit a target you haven't set.

2. Begin by ruthlessly take out optional spending from the bare necessities. Premium TV, booze, wine, expensive make up, luxury pet food, bottled water, fizzy drinks, magazines, meals out. These aren't necessary. Think like someone on a survival budget.

3. The result should now be a surplus of income over spending. Now add back the fun bits, the reasons worth living for, but stop at your limit.

4. That's now your budget. Check it monthly against actual spending until you're out of the hole.

5. Be smart, there's lots of ways to save cash without hammering your lifestyle. Consider your home insurance and mobile phone bills.

6. I've a big concern about oil and gas prices going skyward. That means rationing heating costs in the near future - unless you've already had top insulation work done. Check out energy schemes and grants at Sustainable Energy Ireland www.seai.ie

7. And here's a tip. You thought Lidl and Aldi are the bargain basement? Next time you're passing pop into the local Polish store! There's great value and the food is lovely too.






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