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The Consumer Show

The Consumer Show

Catherine with Rosaria and Rosaria's daughter
Keelin Shanley and Eddie Hobbs

Programme One: 6th September

On tonight's programme, Keelin took a hard look at what food companies are putting in our children's favourite drinks and snacks. The Consumer Show spoke to parents and experts and discovered some uncomfortable truths about what exactly Irish kids are eating.

Eddie spoke to the people who, after a hard battle with their local housing department, finally were allowed get their own cheaper insurance premiums. The Consumer Show also has advice for you, if you're one of the 20,000 home owners who are paying too much for your mortgage life insurance policy.

The Consumer Show also tested our favourite mobile phones, to see if any of them can cope with the wear and tear they receive from the typical Irish teenager.

Statement from - Squeez fruit Juice
As is referenced in our current television advert, Sqeez juices contain nothing but pure orange or pure apple juice - there are no artificial or added sugars whatsoever contained in the product.

The sugar content is clearly highlighted on pack alongside the GDA panel, indicating the presence of only naturally occurring sugars in the juice - i.e. any sugar content present is that which is naturally found in the oranges or apples used to produce our juice.

Taken as part of a balanced diet, a 200ml glass of Sqeez Pure Orange or Apple juice each day provides one of the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and every pack carries our widely recognised 5 a day symbol.

In 2008 we introduced voluntary GDA labelling on each of our 1 litre Orange Apple and 200ml packs, in a move to provide adequate food labelling for our consumers. Our packs also clearly outline full nutritional information and ingredients on the side of the pack, which help guide consumers to the calories, sugar, fat, saturates & salt contained in our products.

We continue to invest in, use, and share consumer research and expertise to help improve our understanding of sugar content and labelling concerns, both within and outside the business, and we welcome moves to review food labelling rules in Europe, which would mean that the provision of information that we are already providing on pack, would become mandatory.

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