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How to Save Thousands

James O'Donovan, author of the book "How to save ¤5000, this year and every year" (www.HowToSave5000.ie), joined Keelin to explain how he and his family managed to save thousands every year just by making some small money-saving changes, rather than sacrifices. James had the following advice for consumers:

Food: Shop around - look at the supermarkets' own brands, and look at low cost supermarkets. James & his family made the following changes & subsequent annual savings:
Switching to own-brand milk = ¤93.60
Low-cost supermarket tinned tomatoes = ¤50.96
Low-cost supermarket oranges = ¤306.60
Making morning coffee at home = ¤414.00

Utilities: Switching is the obvious change necessary here, 60% of Irish people have never switched their utilities - switching from any provider than the one you are currently with will save you money, as James found:
Switching electricity = ¤100
Switching gas = ¤150
Switching refuse provider = ¤80

Transport: Think about doing the basic service of your car yourself - oil change, air filter, light bulbs, wiper blades - James saved up to ¤150 per year per car doing this.

Insurance: Switching insurance does require a bit of effort, but go online and get comparison prices straight away and you will find you can save 10-15%.
- Switching can result in a saving of up to ¤100 on car insurance.
- If you re-evaluate your house re-build cost (which should have come down since the boom) you could save up to ¤103 as James did.
- By purchasing annual multi-trip travel insurance, rather than getting travel insurance each time a flight is bought, James & his family saved ¤75.
- By switching mortgage protection adviser James found he saved up to 60% each year.








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