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Home Waxing Kits

TESTERS: Our testers are four dancers from the Irish Burlesque School who need to make sure that they keep their pins in perfect shape.

There's a lot of upkeep for us girls keeping ourselves preened and polished. And, while a trip to the salon every six weeks to get waxed was once an option, many girls are now choosing to do their waxing at home.

Our testers - Judith, Tara, Natasha and Anna - are getting their gúnas and their legs out for their Girls Night Out. Tara gets the Gold Standard treatment and is whisked off to the Beauty Salon to get her leg waxing done in the hands of a professional, while our other three girls attempt their own waxing using at-home waxing strips to try and get a satisfactory outcome.

We choose three home wax strip kits, all available in pharmacies nationwide and all reasonably priced under ¤13.

Judith used Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax strips with shea butter and berry fragrance for ¤9.29 and found them very easy to use with really straightforward helpful instructions. She loved the smell and on using them, found that they did a good job, though it did not take away all the hair.

Anna used Nair Body Wax Strips for legs, body and Body and bikini for ¤7.99. She wasn't too impressed with the residue it left behind and had to go over it again.

Natasha had never used wax strips before and used Nad's Body Wax Strips for normal skin costing ¤12.99. She loved the results and found them very easy to use.





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