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The Big C

Season 3: Episode 10

the big c

When Cathy fails to return to the boat at the end of her scuba diving lesson in Puerto Rico, the instructor turns to her diving buddy Sean for answers. After Sean confesses to losing touch with Cathy after he decided to follow Christina instead, the search for Cathy begins. Having gotten separated from the group when she wandered off after some tropical fish, Cathy panics and begins making her way to the surface in hopes of finding the dive boat. But when she gets caught up in a net, she lands in a Spanish-speaking fisherman's boat instead.

As a search party scours the waters for any sign of her, Cathy struggles to communicate with the fisherman, Angel. And when Angel puts her to work fishing while he tries to repair his torn net, Cathy uses the time to reflect on how her illness has changed everything and how much she's come to value the rare moments of peace and quiet in her life. Meanwhile, Sean realizes that his interest in Christina put Cathy in danger, and Paul adopts his own alter ego when he meets a divorced woman over drinks at the hotel bar.

Unaware of the search that has been initiated in the wake of her disappearance, and of her husband's adulterous flirtations, Cathy uses her newfound friendship with Angel to unburden herself. But feeling overwhelmed by civilization when she arrives back at the dock, she jumps right back into Angel's boat. Finally, at a local Good Friday parade with Adam, Andrea suddenly discovers her own interest in religion.


Laura Linney as Cathy
Reid Scott as Dr. Todd
Oliver Platt as Paul
Joseph Urla as Manager
John B. Hickey as Sean
Faith Sandberg as Server
Gabriel Basso as Adam



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