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Katherine Kelly

Friday, 21 May 2010


. TV Now Award 2009
. Best Actress at the British Soap Awards in 2009.
. TV Soap Personality of the Year" at the Television and Radio Industries Club awards
. Best Actress" at the 2009 TV Choice & TV Quick Awards.

Did you always want to be an actress?

I didn't consciously know it but apparently according to my parents they said they knew from the beginning. I didn't go to drama classes while I was in school as when I was young I used to go to my Mom's and Dad's adult classes. There wasn't even a drama teacher at school. When I was 18 my dad asked why not go to drama school. He went to the local job centre and got me a pamphlet about drama schools in the UK. I applied to half a dozen and I got RADA at 18.

What was your first role?

It was the Blue Room - the one that Nicole Kidman had done previously. My father had banned all men from seeing it in the area. My Nan and my Mam went to see it. I wouldn't have cared if my dad came as it was tastefully done.

Is it true when you auditioned for Becky that you had to dirty yourself up on the tube?

That's right I had been to another audition where I was auditioning for the part of a respectful woman. The requirement for the Coronation Street audition was that you were not allowed to wear any make-up which is fine as she is a homeless ex junkie. I had to de style myself on the tube which wasn't attractive.

Is it true that Becky was initially only supposed to be 3 months?

She was supposed to be so evil that she would be sent to prison and the public would hate her. It was such a great storyline as it's so much fun playing a baddie. I went to drama school as I wanted to play all different parts maybe if they said to me at the start if it was for four years I might not have been interested but because Becky has transformed so much it feels like seven storylines in one. I was super lucky.

What has been your favourite storyline?

It is so hard to say but my favourite storylines were the ones with Roy. As it was all platonic and they are such opposites but they grew to love each other.
I also loved the one where I jumped over the bar to hurt Jason.

People must stop you on the street - what do they say?

It all depends on what the storyline is during the week. They are all so fond of Corrie.

You are obviously very different to Becky - can you tell me 4 things that people wouldn't know about you?

I love Ten Pin Bowling
I hate Cooking but love to bake
My natural hair colour is black
I got an A in English.

Becky is trying to adopt a child at the moment ......... do you think Becky will ever get a Happy Ending?

Hopefully not because you grow attached to the characters. There is no drama in a happy ending and I have a feeling that something may scupper the adoption.

Is it true your sister Grace may be joining the soap soon?

They have met Grace a few times and at the moment she is in LA at drama school but Becky is getting a sister so we will have to see if this works out. Fingers crossed it will happen.
You love Ireland....

My dad is originally from Roscommon but moved to Kerry. I spent a lot of summers in Kerry. I am one of four and we all have Irish passports and we were all made play musical instruments and made support the Irish football team.

When I was a child during the summer I used to watch The Rose of Tralee on TV and It was my absolute dream to be The Rose of Tralee and he'd tell me of course you can be as you're half Irish'.

We recently saw the scenes where Blanche was buried that must have been hard for everyone to film?

To be honest the funeral scenes were six months after she passed away. A few of the cast went to her funeral and then we had a memorial service in Manchester so when we came to film Blanche's funeral we already said goodbye. Anna who plays Deirdre found it very hard.

She was such good fun and she always said that if she did die she didn't want anyone grieving for her as she would be with her husband.

Beverly Callard has come out about her battle with depression - that must have been hard for her .... is everyone on set looking after her?

I haven't read it yet. When myself and Beverley had a scene in a restaurant where I had to throw a crab at her and apparently that was when she left work after that day. I would never have guessed in a million years as she is always on good form and she is a total professional and she always asks how you are doing. She is a very strong woman.

You are nominated for a TV Now award - are you nervous?

They are my favourite ones. It is such fun and it is a great atmosphere. The press are also nice. It doesn't feel competitive. I feel like I am home and I feel like I telling my friends 'Welcome to Ireland'.

She may play loud mouthed Becky in Coronation Street but all Katherine Kelly wants to be is the next Rose of Tralee.