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Vet's Clinic with Liam Moriarty - Holidays at Home with Your Pet!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ideally people like to leave their pet with a friend or family member, or have someone to come around the house to check on them. This can be ideal for cats who are independent and will usually stay close to their territory. Someone dropping in once a day to check on your cat can be sufficient. A timed feeding bowl and a cat flap are useful aids.

Dogs need more attention - if they are staying at home they should be checked twice per day. Generally it is better for dogs to stay with family or a friend where they will get more attention.

However not everyone loves your pets as much as you do. If your pets are big boisterous dogs like mine you may find your family are not too keen to take on the responsibility. For Robin and Bobo that means a trip to the boarding kennels every now and again.

Boarding kennels (like hotels) and catteries vary in terms of costs and standards. Costs range from €9 to €15 per night. The benefits are that they are safe and secure and being cared for by experienced staff

Some Tips:-

. Find a place that allows you to look around and inspect the accommodation
. Make sure that the accommodation is clean
. There should be toys and things to play with in kennels.
. Robin and Bobo's kennels play classical music all day - this keeps the animals much happier
. Cat vacations cattery has lots of climbing frames, scratching posts for cats, there are also bird feeding stations in view of the kennels - this helps amuse cats.
. For dogs check if they are allowed mix with other dogs or if they are kept on their own.
. Make sure your pets are fully vaccinated - dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough, as well as their routine vaccinations.
. Cats should be protected against cat flu
. Use a flea prevention treatment before your pet goes into kennels - this way you can be sure they won't bring any passengers home
. Treat them for worms after leaving kennels/cattery
. Check what arrangements are in place for veterinary care
. If your pet has any special dietary requirements or needs medical treatment make the staff are aware.

Other Summer Time Tips for Pet Owners:-

Fleas and other parasites are very common as the weather warms up. Your pet does not need direct contact with another animal to be affected. Make sure to treat monthly.

Injuries are more common in the summer months - particularly dogs cut their pads on glass left in the park or on the road.

Dogs can easily overheat in hot cars - never leave your dog in the car with the windows up and do not shut them in the boot (unless you have a hatchback)

Cats with white ears are prone to skin cancer. Applying sun cream on them can help

Prices / Stockists / Relevant Information:

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For further information contact your local vet or the DSPCA or ISPCA.